*1 (Pillows) I *2 ("Fly Away") I *3 ("Swing") I *4 (Bang, you're dead) I *5 ("Toy" Small) I *6 ("Toy" Big) I *7 ("Forest", "Desert", "City") I *8 (Measuring Board)

'Bang, you're dead' is an exhibition concerned with humanity's childish tendency toward war. It attempts to find ways to deal with conflict through raising awareness.

It's launched with a pillowfight, one peaceful means of demonstrating conflict resolution.
Other pieces include a massive dove (symbolizing peace and its fragility), super-size replicas of weapons, and an attempt to soften the H-bomb by applying baby pictures.

In general, the exhibition wonders whether we've become desensitized to war.

Do we need to experience pain and destruction ourselves to learn?

Each piece raises a different aspect of this theme.

For instance, the eponymous "Bang, you're dead" enquires as to whether it's necessary to see people being shot in front of our eyes before we'll believe in the deadly harm of weapons.

Another piece, "Toy," asks if our response to conflict is habituated by our upbringing.

While the work seeks to raise specific questions, it's up to the visitor to supply their own answers.